November 26

Why You Should Hire a Professional Painter.


When it’s time to paint the interior or exterior of your home, there are several important reasons to hire a professional painter to handle the job. Many people think that painting is an easy do-it-yourself (DIY) project but the reality is that a high-quality finish requires a strong skill set and plenty of time.

Eight Important Reasons to Hire a Professional Painter

1. Saves Time
Many homeowners significantly underestimate the amount of time even a small painting project can take. Taping, sanding, scraping, caulking and cleaning up are all time consuming aspects of any painting project. Being able to paint fast yet accurately comes with experience. A project that may take you several days or even weeks to complete can be done in a fraction of the time by a professional.

2. The Right Equipment
Painting requires more specialized tools than just paintbrushes. If you want to take on a painting project to save money but don’t have the right tools, then the money you save may be negligible. Professionals have all of the tools needed to complete different types of painting projects, as well as the experience and skill to use them properly.

3. Paint Selection
Your local hardware or paint store has numerous brands and colors of interior and exterior paints available. There are different types of paint and the surface that needs to be painted is an important factor to consider. Making sense of all the options can be confusing without the help of an expert. A professional paint contractor will examine the job site and select the right paints for the project.

4. Quality Prep Work
Skipping any aspect of preparation will result in a poor paint job. Preparation for interior painting projects includes moving and covering furniture, patching or repairing any holes or flaws in walls, cleaning, and setting up a safe work area. Exterior painting requires even more preparation in order to achieve good results. If you don’t have the time, patience or skills to do thorough prep work before painting, hiring a professional is the best way to go.

5. Saves Money
Most DIY projects end up costing more than homeowners anticipate. By the time you buy the paint, brushes, rollers, trays, ladders, drop cloths, caulk, patching tools and tape, you’ll likely find that you’ve invested a significant amount of money in items you will rarely use and need space to store. Most painting contractors have accounts set up with local paint distributors. These partnerships mean they can purchase high-quality paints and supplies at discounted rates which in turn saves their customers money.

6. Attention to Detail
When it comes to painting, every brush stroke counts. Tiny specks of hair or dust can get caught in tools and end up causing imperfections in a paint job. Professional painters are trained to focus on the smallest details to ensure a durable, high-quality finish. They use specific techniques to minimize brush strokes, unevenness and paint drips. A professional paint job will always look better than even the best DIY job.

7. Safety
Exterior painting can be particularly dangerous for homeowners to attempt on their own. Even interior painting projects can be hazardous if you have high ceilings that require extension ladders and scaffolding to reach. Professional painters are trained to work at heights and know how to paint hard-to-reach areas safely. They know how to safely handle paints and solvents and will properly dispose of them when the job is completed.

8. Quality Results
The most important reason to hire a professional is the results you get in the end. Simply put, professional painters are experts in their field. They know how to prep surfaces so paint lasts longer and they have the skill to produce clean lines, accurate colors, and a perfect finish for both interior and exterior surfaces. A professional paint job can even improve the value of your home when it’s time to sell.

Trust the Local Painting Professionals
The benefits of hiring a professional painter are numerous. You’ll save time, energy, money and have peace of mind knowing that the work has been done safely and professionally. By hiring local painting professionals, you’ll get the benefit of their expertise and support your local community at the same time.

Mr. Mole’s Painting LLC offers a variety of interior and exterior painting services for both commercial and residential properties. We provide in-person and virtual quotes for your convenience. Contact us today at (218) 255-7168 to discuss your needs. We look forward to working with you.


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