Our First Historic Home in Bemidji, MN

Our longest job to date! 3 weeks it took us to refinish this old Victorian historic red oak.

The home owner wanted a gray stain. This was a real tough project because red oak does not take to gray stain properly and turns the finish a purple color.
So what we did was in 4 steps;

1st step: spray stain VSS0194 direct to wood to desired color. This helped develop our base color.

2nd step: We sprayed a coat of the clear NVS2400 Vinyl sealer.

3rd step: We applied glaze cross grain and wiped off gently with a cotton rag. This gave us the black grain strike

4th step: Let dry and we sprayed NUF4002 over the top which is a satin clear coat.

Countless hours in my shop testing finishes.. many hours of research and different products..We completed our first historic home in Bemidji, MN.
Such a nostalgic experience working on this property.. it took me back to the old homes I’ve restored in the past back home in England.
There isn’t many left of these homes in Bemidji. I’m so glad to have been able share it with my team. They worked so hard on this and I’m tremendously proud of them and their craftsmanship skills.
All positivity even when doing nothing but sand and clean trim for a whole week.
I’m truly blessed.

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