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6 Reasons to Paint Before Selling Your Home


When selling, you want to make your home appeal to as broad an audience as possible. Most homes don’t need expensive remodeling or upgrades. Cleaning, decluttering, making minor repairs, and a fresh coat of paint help communicate that your home is in great condition and ready for the next owner.

Despite the current market, first impressions are always important. A new coat of paint can be a low-cost, high-improvement project that helps sell your home quicker. Here are six important reasons to paint before you sell your home.

1. To Boost Curb Appeal
Most people only think about interior paint when it’s time to sell but curb appeal is important. The exterior of your home is usually the first thing buyers see when they come across your listing. Take time to boost curb appeal with manicured landscaping, power washing, and a fresh coat of exterior paint if needed. Even just painting the front door can improve your home’s curb appeal without spending a lot of time or money.

2. Fresh Paint Shows Better Online
Online listings are now where most home buyers begin their search and will be the deciding factor in whether or not a buyer looks at a house in person. Bold colors can turn off potential buyers who don’t share your particular tastes. A fresh coat of neutral paint color creates an ideal background for staging your home for online photos.

3. To Make Your Home Look Larger
Too many different colors throughout a home can create a mismatched look and make a home look smaller. A fresh coat of creamy white or neutral interior paint throughout your home will help create a more uniform and spacious appearance. White reflects the most light and makes rooms look bigger, lighter, and cleaner.

4. To Make An Older Home Appear More Modern
Trends in paint colors change, and if your home has a dated color scheme, it can make your entire home look older than it is. If you don’t have time to repaint your entire home, consider updating the kitchen, main living areas, hallways, and entryway. Most buyers prefer light neutral paint colors such as creamy white, light beige, or light gray tones. Greige – a mix of gray and beige tones – delivers a neutral hue that remains popular with most homebuyers.

5. Most Buyers Want a Turnkey Home
A fresh coat of paint conveys that your home is well maintained. Buyers are not as likely to look for flaws if the walls, trim, and doors are freshly painted and in good condition. While many people might not mind a small painting project, most want to move right in and not worry about tackling a big project.

6. To Increase Your Home’s Value
A recent Zillow survey found that specific colors attract more buyers and higher offers. Not surprisingly, light neutral colors are best for home interiors. White kitchens are still popular, as are light gray living areas. Most real estate agents recommend painting interior walls before selling because it’s a relatively inexpensive way to increase a home’s value.

Important Things to Remember
– Prioritize the most visible spaces. If you can’t afford to paint everything, paint the spaces buyers will focus on, including the front door, entry, hallways, main living areas, and the primary bedroom.

– Always repair any damaged paint. Chipped or damaged paint may deter potential buyers and make them wonder if there are more significant hidden problems. The appraisers who determine the value of your home will also make a note of damaged, chipped, or peeling paint and, depending on the severity, may factor that into your home’s value.

– Select neutral colors. Whether for interiors or exteriors, neutral colors will appeal to most homebuyers and make your home look bigger, brighter, and cleaner. If you’re painting to sell your home, talk to an experienced real estate agent who can guide you on what paint colors buyers in your local area prefer.

– Real estate professionals often say that kitchens sell homes. After years of use, many kitchen cabinets need a fresh look. Painting your cabinets can give your kitchen an updated look at a fraction of the price of replacement cabinets.

– Bathrooms are among the most used, high-traffic areas in a typical home. According to Realty Times, a new coat of paint along with new fixtures, shower curtains, and window coverings is a quick and inexpensive facelift that can add a significant return on investment.

The Bottom Line
Before putting your home on the market, it’s in your best interest to update faded, damaged, or outdated paint to make your home appeal to a wide range of buyers. Painting may seem like an easy DIY project, but professional painters know how to get the job done quickly and efficiently. They also know how to deal with challenging spaces, including stairwells and vaulted ceilings. Hiring a professional painter will ensure that your home looks its best when you’re ready to sell.

Trust the Local Painting Professionals
The benefits of hiring a professional painter are numerous. You’ll save time, energy, money and have peace of mind knowing the work was completed safely and professionally. By hiring local painting professionals, you’ll benefit from their expertise and support your local community at the same time.

Mr. Mole’s Painting LLC offers a variety of interior and exterior painting services for both commercial and residential properties. We provide in-person and virtual quotes for your convenience. Contact us today at (218) 255-7168 to discuss your needs.


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