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9 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal


Curb appeal is the visual attraction of a property as seen from the street or sidewalk. Most people think about curb appeal when it’s time to sell their home, but curb appeal is important for other reasons. Good curb appeal can help protect your property, maintain its value, and create a more appealing environment for your family. Whether you’re selling your home or not, curb appeal is important. 

What Does Adding Curb Appeal Really Mean?

Improving or adding curb appeal is any effort or project that makes a property more attractive from the street to potential homebuyers, visitors, or people passing by. Specific projects that add curb appeal – including landscaping, painting, or a new roof – can even increase the value of your home.

Some curb appeal projects cost thousands of dollars, but there are many smaller, less expensive ways to improve your home’s curb appeal. A handy DIYer can tackle many of the following projects on their own. 

1. Update Your Mailbox

One of the first things people see when they arrive at your property is likely your mailbox. If your mailbox has seen better days, a thorough cleaning and a fresh coat of paint may be all that is needed. If it’s rusty, damaged, or sitting atop a decaying post, replace it with a new one.

2. Clean Everything

Over time, dirt, mildew, and pollen build up on exterior surfaces. At least once a year, clean driveways, sidewalks, windows, and siding with a power washer or garden hose. A pressure washer makes exterior cleaning easier, but be sure you know how to operate it safely – the strong spray can peel paint, damage surfaces, or cause injuries.

3. Paint or Replace Garage Doors

The garage door is usually one of the most prominent features on the front of a house and can be an asset or liability, depending on its appearance. A new garage door can be expensive, so consider painting it if it’s in good condition. The majority of garage doors are some shade of white, but you can paint your door the same color as your home or choose a contrasting color similar to your shutters and trim accents. 

4. Maintain Your Landscaping

Taking care of basic yard maintenance is an easy to improve curb appeal without spending a lot of money. Regularly mow and trim your lawn. Remove dead plants, weeds, and bushes from your yard. Trim overgrown trees and shrubs. If you’re not sure how and when to trim the shrubs and trees in your yard, talk to a local nursery specialist for advice. Add new mulch to prevent the spread of weeds and retain moisture in the soil. 

5. Hide Unsightly Items

Take a good look at your home from the street. Can you see the HVAC unit? Is your garden hose lying on the front lawn? Are there toys or old lawn furniture detracting from your home’s appearance? Take steps to hide unsightly items—plant shrubs in front of the HVAC unit and store hoses and toys when not in use. Get rid of any eyesores, including old lawn furniture, empty planters, or dead bushes. If it isn’t attractive or necessary, give it away, repair it, or recycle it. 

6. Plant Colorful Flowers and Shrubs

Plant shrubs for year-round greenery and seasonal flowers for vibrant accents. If your home’s foundation is visible, camouflage it with shrubs, knockout roses, or large-leafed flowering plants with a generous spread. Ask at a local garden center or your state department of natural resources for plant recommendations that will thrive in your climate and soil conditions. 

7. Improve Outdoor Lighting

Replacing outdated lighting fixtures or adding new landscape lighting in your front yard is a great way to improve curb appeal along with safety and security. This Old House has some great suggestions for approaching lighting in a variety of outdoor situations. Adding lighting to the outside of your home’s exterior is easier than ever with solar-powered LED options that eliminate the need to dig trenches and add electrical wiring. 

8. Spruce Up Your Entrance

Thoroughly clean your entrance and add a new welcome mat. If your door looks tired, give it a fresh coat of paint and replace the hardware. Popular front door colors are red, yellow, turquoise, and deep blue. A black front door on a white house is a classic look that never goes out of style. If you have a front porch, add furniture and potted plants or colorful flowers to create a welcoming atmosphere. 

9. Paint the Exterior

The paint on your home will overshadow all other efforts to improve curb appeal. If your paint is peeling, bubbling, or faded, it’s time for a new paint job. While bright colors might be tempting, it’s essential to consider your neighborhood, the architectural style of your home, and other factors when making color selections. Although an experienced DIYer can handle some smaller tasks, painting your home’s exterior is a project where it’s always best to hire a professional paint contractor

Trust the Local Painting Professionals

Of the numerous ways you can improve your home’s appearance, few have as dramatic an effect as a new coat of paint. Having your home’s exterior professionally painted protects against the elements, increases your home’s resale value, and improves curb appeal. If it’s time to update your exterior, contact the professionals at Mr. Mole’s Painting LLC.

Mr. Mole’s Painting LLC offers interior and exterior painting for both commercial and residential properties. We provide both in-person and virtual quotes for your convenience. Contact us today at (218) 255-7168 to discuss your needs.


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